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Model: [Belgium Import] PURO Fairtrade Capsule Machine
Water tank: 1.2 l;Dimensions (L x W x H): 170 x 260 x 296 mm;Weight: 3.9 kg;Heating element: stainless steel;Pressure: 15 bar.Manufacturer: ItalyThe PURO capsule coffee machine has 3 programmable buttons - making wonderful espresso tastes has never been easier. High quality PURO capsules will provid..
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Model: [Belgium Import] PURO Fairtrade Espresso Capsules
Type: Fairtrade, Shade GrownVariation: Also available in DecafOrigins: Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, UgandaFinest Arabica content: 80%Premium Robusta content: 20%96 Espresso capsules The complex character of this blend comes from the mild and smooth yet floral Guatemalan high grown Arabicas skillf..
Ex Tax:RM220.00
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